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Huge list of dedicated server providers under $20

Megalist of low-end dedicated server providers
If you have suggestions, it'd be better to contact the original author instead of me , as they'll keep updating that wiki entry post a comment. I'm not maintaining this list so I'm not going to add new sites to the list, sorry.
A good suggestion would be:
If you know more ISPs that offer dedicated for less than €20 on servers anywhere in the world, let me know to add them. You can also recommend suppliers from €20 to €40 for the second list, but only if they have deals with very low margins.​
author seems to no longer maintain their list and website. just comment w/ suggestions.
Under €20
  • The low-cost brand OVH. almost nonexistent support.
  • Unmetered. Good relationship between price and value.
  • The particular "cloud" of Online.net. ARM machines dedicated SAN with SSD storage.
  • Atoms from 10 €. Unmetered.
  • Very strict identity verification. English understood them is ... complicated.
  • The phone verification does not work with foreigners, it avoided paying the bills directly from the panel.
  • They are of Online.net. Servers from 7 €.
  • offers more than reasonable housed in a mediocre ISP.
  • Good offers, decent service, unreliable company.
  • reliable supplier.
  • Cheapest dedicated in UK. Allow to send your own hard drives.
  • Good offers but the bandwidth is expensive in Belgium. Prohibit game servers, torrents, IRC and Tor on your network.
  • The cheapest option for CZ / SK.
  • The support staff speak English even though the website is not translated.
  • Good ISP and good deals.
  • The low-cost brand myLoc / Webtropia.
  • auctioned servers. Also, .
  • Series "Misurfi" imitating OVH. Unmetered.
  • Devoted from 20 €. The cheapest in the region.
  • cheap, but the quality of service leaves much to be desired.
  • very economical option in Ukraine, unmetered. The building has already been set on fire twice.
  • Probably the cheapest servers in the region.
  • Very attractive prices in a single localicación (Novosibirsk).
North America
  • The low-cost brand OVH. almost nonexistent support.
  • The American OVH, with service as bad and cheap.
  • do not have the most modern hardware but offer good service.
  • Servers for less than $ 30. WHT occasional offers from $ 20.
  • Deals from $ 20 on WHT.
  • Atoms for $ 5 and dual Xeon to $ 20. Annual payment.
  • offers more than reasonable housed in a mediocre ISP.
€20 to €40
  • have one of the best networks in Europe.
  • economic and quality in UK Option.
  • they are tatty, but cheap and in Spain. Contact the Sales Department.
North America
  • previously known as DataShack.net. decent transfer with many servers.
  • are not much, but cheap. Contact the Sales Department.
  • Rent to own, good technical support.
Raspberry Pi
  • require identity verification, do not allow host pornography.
  • Option in France, somewhat expensive but advertised 10Mbps unmetered.
  • The amateur alternative. They seem to be housed in a connection Cox and domain whois is false.
Company name and thier cheapest dedicated box price(monthly)..
  1. - £4.19/mn (£9.99 setup fees)
  2. - 6.99€/mn (FR location)
  3. - €8.99 (+€20.00 Set up fees)
  4. - $10/mn
  5. - $19.95/mn
  6. - $15/mn
  7. - $15/mn
  8. - £15/mn
  9. - €18/mn
  10. - €9.99 €/mn
  11. - €3.99/mn
  12. $18.6/mn
  13. - €15/mn
  14. - €12.49/mn
  15. - €5/mn
  16. - CZK450/mn (aroun $18/mn)
  17. - €2.99/mn
  18. - €11.99/mn
  19. - €7.50/mn (+€49 setup fee, if you pay for 6 months then no setup fee)
  20. - €9.99
  21. - $16/mn
  22. - $20
  23. - ~$7.5/mn
  24. - $12.99/mn